Selecting a Staircase for Your Log Cabin

A staircase is an important feature of a log home since it defines the house’s charm. In order to make the log cabin appear more attractive than it would without a staircase, the staircase must complement the style as well as the design of the floor plan. When you decide to buy a staircase for your log house, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions and figure out the answers.To begin, you must determine whether you want to purchase the log staircase directly from your log house supplier or whether you will seek a log staircase from an outside source. Most log house suppliers also provide a variety of styles and designs of stairs to pick from, which may make your work simpler because you are more likely to locate staircases that fit the design and floor plan of your log home because it is from the same provider.

The cost of a log home staircase typically runs from $1,000 to $4,000 and can go higher depending on a variety of factors, including, of course, the style you pick for your log home. The size and bespoke features vary in accordance with the pricing, and therefore with your own budget.

Then you’ll have to consider extra staircases, such as those in the basement. If your log home has a basement, you may want to consider acquiring an additional staircase for that area. If you have a limited budget, the log staircase to the loft will suffice; however, if you have a larger budget, you may replace the ordinary staircase to the basement with a log staircase. After all, it is critical that your home’s staircase, and any staircase for that matter, does not appear weird or out of place, so if you can acquire an additional staircase to fit the floor plan of your complete home for a few dollars, you should do so.

Another important issue that can greatly affect your selection is the location and size of the staircase. You should choose the size of the staircase based on the size of your rooms to ensure that it does not take up too much of your living space unnecessarily.

Finally, just as you must prepare for the staining and care of your log home, you must likewise plan for the staining and maintenance of your log staircase. You may use the sand grit to prevent the steps from becoming slippery and inconvenient. A staircase, if chosen carefully, may transform a magnificent log cabin into a true showpiece, and thus is almost a need.